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Are you an Event Planner?
Join our Private Group

This is a vetted, private group for planners to share about growing their business, helping each other with problems, asking any questions that come up in your day-to-day work and much more.

Three Core Values that Define the Group

Meaningful Online Experience

All of our group members are vetted and verified to want to succeed and put in time to learn the industry. They all want to grow their business and learn as much as they can. We regularly turn down paying applicants who do not share or add to the private conversations.

Fierce Motivation to Succeed

Many members have a strong passion for planning events. They think about ways to get clients, create beautiful experiences and help each other all the time. If you are passionate about events and motivated to do well, then this group is for you.

Strong Sense of Community

Life as an event planner can be lonely if you don't have like-minded people to learn from and share with. Our group grows together and finds motivation from hearing each others' approaches to getting clients, planning events and learning from each other. This group isn't just about sharing tips; we support each other, have printable templates for many things you need like contracts, budgets, proposals, etc., and have meetups.

Requirements for Joining

We screen members to make sure they have the necessary experience or desire to learn prior to joining the group.

There are two ways to join:

1. You are an event or wedding planner.
You have planned at least one event or wedding, even if it was for friends or family. Many members have years of experience and that is even better but there is something to be learned from all who have planned events, no matter what length of time.

2. You have decided that you want to pursue event planning and are committed to learning and being a contributing member of the group.
If you have decided that you want to become a planner then this group is for you too. We've found that having the passion for planning creates a contagious environment in the group that keeps everyone excited.

If you fall into either of the above categories, you should apply to be in the group.

Reasons for Joining

1. Get help for your biggest problems.

2. Active and thriving discussions every day.

3. Our private group is built in Facebook so you have easy access to learn and discuss anytime without having to log into a different website.

4. Members learn so much from each other!

5. The group currently has over 1200 members who are fun, passionate, interesting people that you wouldn't mind hanging out with in real life.

We are very proud of the group we have built and would love to have you join if you fit the criteria.