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Event Planning - A Passion and a Profession

Event planning is an industry that is both a profession and a passion. This is what drew us to the planning industry and our passion for it prompted us to create this site as a resource for everyone who wants to learn about planning events.

We have now helped over 11,500 students in our course ranging from beginners to those who already have their event planning business set up but do not know what next steps to take.

Our blog and course content gives very powerful advice, actionable tips and suggestions on how you can take your career to the next level, how you can get clients, how to plan beautiful events and the best ways to market yourself.

How to Get the Most from this Site:

First we recommend you sign up for our free four-day mini course at the top of this page. After you sign up, you will receive one email per day (for four days) with very important lessons on becoming an event planner.

Next we recommend you try our online course on becoming an event planner. Details can be found here - Course.

If you are absolutely ready to take action toward starting your business we have just the right program for you - it is called The Accelerator Program - 33 Days to Your Dream Business (currently full - opens again May 15, 2016). You can get on the waiting list by submitting your name on the contact form.

If you have an event to plan, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding or corporate event we have just the guide for you. It is called The Ultimate Guide to Planning Events. We first wrote this comprehensive guide in 2010 and have updated it every year since with the freshest industry information. Since it is continually updated with the latest event planning information it has become the ultimate guide. Be sure you check it out.

Lastly, we have tons of popular articles on our blog, which include articles about how to charge for your event planning services; how to write an event planning proposal; how to get clients; and more.


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