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I purchased the course but have not received my purchase.

When you signed up you should have received an email within five minutes with your login credentials. These include your user name and password that you created when you signed up.

If you do not see this email (the subject line starts with "[EventPlanning]") then please check your spam folder. Especially if you have Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts sometimes the welcome email goes to the spam folder. If you have GMail, it might be in the updates folder.

You can go to this page to login.

How do I cancel my membership?

The "Become an Event Planner" course is $47 per month and you can cancel anytime. If you would like to cancel we have an easy and automated way to do it. Please just fill out the contact form here with your name and email (please use same email you signed up with so we can find your account) and your account will by cancelled immediately.

We will send you a confirmation email of cancellation and if you do not receive it within 24 hours please check your spam folder.

What does the $47 charge cover?

The Event Planning course is $47 per month. Since the course is self-paced you can easily complete it within the month and cancel anytime if you would like. However we do add new content frequently so most customers like to remain members for a while.

The course consists of four main modules, a very large knowledgebase, 23 bonus templates, contracts and agreements, plus 11 sections and a assignment projects that really help develop your planning career.

You can remain a member for as long as you'd like and cancelling anytime is easy and automated by just filling out our contact form. Thank you!

Do I get a certificate for completing the course?

Yes you do. If you read all the content and complete the main assignment projects you receive a Certificate of Completion mailed to your home in four months. If you have not received your certificate yet please contact us to let us know.

Are there other Event Planning courses you recommend?

The problem with our competitors is that their courses cost over $1000 usually. Some even $2000-3000 for very similar content.

If you want to take more courses after this one, we recommend looking for a DESIGN course in your area. Check a local community college or university to see if they have extension courses in event design, lighting or anything to do with the creative process.

Our course teaches you how to actionably grow your business and career. We teach you how to market yourself and get clients. If you would like help with your design skill, then that is when we recommend a design course.