Create Your Pricing Plan

This assignment requires you to create a baseline pricing package.


Now let's create your pricing.

If you focus on weddings then we recommend you have a "day-of" price, along with 1 - 3 different packages.

Below is our example template for a variety of pricing packages. You can copy these for yourself with modifications as needed; or you can use your own pricing. Many students ask us for baseline pricing so that is the purpose of the template.

Download Pricing Packages Example here (word document).

Download Pricing Packages Example as PDF here.

Note that you don't have to include every package from the example. Just include the services you are passionate about, even if that means just one offering. We included several packages to give you more ideas.

Submit assignment:

Attach a document with the pricing packages you created and the services offered within each package.

If you are charging by using a different method, then describe this method in 1 - 2 paragraphs and be sure to include specific examples (in the text section below).

The example provided is for weddings because typically weddings have packages but other events like corporate functions, birthdays, reunions, etc do not have packages. This is because other types of events have more custom requirements. If you do not focus on weddings then submit your pricing model for your biggest service offerings, with a short explanation of how it will work with specific examples.