Solidify Your Business Plan

To complete this assignment you will need these two form:

Assignment Objective:

To have a One Page living document to remind you of your business model at all times.

Download and fill out the One Page Business Plan (above).

Even if you have thought about your business model before or created a business plan in the past, it is good to do this again. Especially in a summarized one page version that can also become your elevator pitch.

Too often planners get discouraged when they believe they need a long 30+ page business plan. This is not always the case because it keeps planners from taking action and moving their business forward.

The one page business plan questions are:

1. What is your specialty?

2. Who is your ideal client?

3. What pricing method will you use?

4. How will you invoice and get paid?

5. How will clients learn about your business?

6. Your goals for clients or income.

7. Your biggest open question currently and your proposed solution to it.

Notice on the one page business plan, the spaces to answer each question are only 1 - 2 lines long. Try to keep your answers to this space or if you have to go over then don't get too long with your responses.

At the bottom of this assignment, when you are instructed to submit assignment #1 you can either scan and submit your One Page Business Plan to us; or you can write each answer in the text section if you do not have access to a printer or scanner. If you use the text portion please be sure to include which questions you are answering prior to your answers.

Part 2:

Download the 3 page Target Client Worksheet above, fill it out and submit the form. Remember that there are no right or wrong replies to the target client worksheet. The key is to just be as specific as possible in figuring out your target clients.