Course Bonuses

These bonuses include templates for creating client proposals, contracts, assignments, checklists, budgets, business plans, vendors, conferences and weddings. They can save you a lot of time and money so be sure to download all of them.

Quick Start Guides


  • Event Timeline - Actions and Checklist
    Event Timeline - Actions and Checklist

    Download this excellent, detailed guide with that shows you every activity to do prior to an event with an assignment and due date. You'll want to include this document in every event folder you prepare for yourself or your team.

  • Event Planning Worksheet
    Event Planning Worksheet

    This is a great worksheet to fill out after you leave a client meeting. It is the perfect sheet to brainstorm on and fill in details that you learned about your potential client's event. Plus it will impress a client if they see the organization you have with worksheets like this.


  • Wedding Planning Timeline and Checklist
    Wedding Planning Timeline and Checklist

    This wedding planner checklist is a MUST-HAVE for anyone planning a wedding. It provides a step-by-step actionable timeline starting with one year away from the wedding up to the wedding day - everything you need to prepare. You can give a copy of this to your bride and groom clients or keep it for your own preparations.


  • Contract Basics Overview
    Contract Basics Overview

    This is a very important document that shows you what you need to include in every Business Contract, Client Contract, Venue and Vendor Contract you enter into.

  • Event Planner Client Agreement
    Event Planner Client Agreement

    Editable client agreement template - this document is ready to go. Just substitute your own details and it can help you avoid having to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to write up your contracts.

  • Event Planning Contract Sample (Shorter)
    Event Planning Contract Sample (Shorter)

    Similar event planner contract to the one above but this version is one page. Please review both versions and choose the one you like better; then just substitute your own details and you are ready to go.

  • Vendor Sample Contract
    Vendor Sample Contract

    All events require vendors and you always want to sign a contract with every vendor for more security. This contract is a template you can insert your own details into and use for most events.

  • Photography Contract (Sample)
    Photography Contract (Sample)

    Photographers are an important part of every event. This sample agreement is a word document that you can substitute your own information and have a ready to go contract.

  • Wedding Planner Client Agreement (Sample)
    Wedding Planner Client Agreement (Sample)

    Weddings have a lot of intricacies and this is a thorough three page agreement you can use with your bride and groom clients to ensure everyone is on the same page with expectations and scope of service. This is a very good template agreement document. Be sure to download and review it.

Event Proposals

  • Sample Proposal to Client
    Sample Proposal to Client

    This is a sample event planner proposal to a client. The design of the presentation is outdated but the sections and content is important to imitate. Too many event planners don't put in enough time to making complete event proposals. By putting together nice proposals you can get major corporate clients with large budgets.

  • Proposal Template
    Proposal Template

    This document explains all the sections you can include in an event proposal.


  • Venue Inspection Checklist
    Venue Inspection Checklist

    Take this 6 page venue inspection checklist with you when looking at venues for your client's events. It will keep you organized and you'll have detailed notes to refer to when you're comparing final venue selections.

  • Venue Considerations Checklist
    Venue Considerations Checklist

    Be sure to check off all the important points on this list when inspecting a venue. This 4 page checklist will make sure you do not overlook an important necessity for your client's event.


  • Food and Beverage Checklist
    Food and Beverage Checklist

    Many clients want food and beverage at their event. This PDF document is a thorough 28 point checklist to make sure you perfect every detail related to food and beverage.


  • Business Entity Comparison Chart
    Business Entity Comparison Chart

    If you are starting your own business you probably want to know what type of legal entity you should set up. This handy comparison chart can help guide you.

  • Venue & Vendor Negotiation Tips
    Venue & Vendor Negotiation Tips

    This is a sheet of the top negotiation tips to use when you are negotiation best rates for your clients with venues and vendors.

  • Business Plan Template
    Business Plan Template

    If you are looking to start your own business, you should skim through this business plan template to make sure you have thought about all parts of a business prior to launching. You do not necessarily have to create a full business plan but these items are good to be aware of and you should at least create a 1 - 2 page sheet of your goals, mission statement, specializations and target clients.


  • Event Budget Spreadsheet
    Event Budget Spreadsheet

    This excel spreadsheet file helps guide you through an estimated and actual budget template you can use for your own calculations or sharing with clients. Also included is an income portion if you are putting on an event that charges admission, sponsorships or exhibitors.


  • Conference Agenda Sample
    Conference Agenda Sample

    Some of our students help organize conferences or day-long meetings for companies. Corporate planning is an important skill to have and providing an agenda for the event is always helpful to attendees and your client. This is a sample conference or corporate event agenda you can input your details into and provide for your event.

  • Handwritten Thank You Letter
    Handwritten Thank You Letter

    This is a sample handwritten letter you can write to a potential client after a meeting. Little hand written notes go a long way in closing new business.

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