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Lynn Roberts Del Rey, FL

"The Event Planning Course helped me get four new clients by knowing exactly how to position myself. I truly couldn't believe it! I learned how to price my services in a way that my new clients paid me $23,850 in 3 months from the time I started! I highly recommend this course and learning from EventPlanning.com."

Sandra Charston Cleveland, OH

"I planned a few events for my family and friends but I knew I couldn't keep doing that because I wasn't getting paid. So I took this course and it really opened my eyes to how I should run my business! It's been so helpful it's amazing!"

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Over 23,000 students have completed our courses and many have gone on to create very successful event planning businesses.

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I hesitated joining the "How to Become an Event Planner" Course for 3 months because I wasn't sure I had enough time with a part-time job and baby at home. Joining has been the best decision ever! I just wish I joined sooner. The material is highly recommended - you won't regret it.

Karen McLeven
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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