Difference Between a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator and Venue Coordinator

So your big wedding day is coming up, and the planning has begun. The goal is always to make it one of the best days of your life with as little stress as possible. Afterall, you still have to remember to say “I do” at the altar! So how can we ensure that you or…

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how to plan event

Plan Your Event With These Eight Important Steps

You just landed a client you’ve been pitching for a while and want to make her event spectacular. After rejoicing for a couple of hours after getting the contract signed, you can reach a state of planning block where you are so overwhelmed with the task in front of you that you do not know…

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5 Soft Skills Needed to Be a Great Event Planner

Soft skills are an event planner’s best friend. For those who haven’t heard this term, “soft skills” refers to your non-tangible, non-quantifiable skills – things like your personality, etiquette, how you get along with others, small talk and listening skills. An event planner’s profession requires both soft and hard skills but this article focuses more…

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Create Your Event Planner Website in 10 Minutes

A common question we get is do you need a website for your business? What type of pages do you need on your site? How do you even make a website? I will compile all the resources you need to make your site in this post. A website absolutely helps you get more clients, and…

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Wedding Alcohol Cost and Bar Budget

Almost everyone who plans a wedding has to decide how much of their budget to allocate toward the bar and how many beverages to stock their wedding bar with. A wedding planner should be equipped to help with this information. We answer many of your questions in this article. To start, a good rule of thumb…

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How to Write an Event Planning Proposal

Statistics show that the event management industry will grow by 44% and add over 30,000 jobs in the next five years.  This is definitely good news for all planners as it shows that the demand for your talent and service is on the rise. So as an event planner, it is more important than ever…

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How To Deal With Event No-Shows

When organizing an event, no-shows are a major concern. Not only can they affect the overall budget but can decrease profits as well. Statistics in this article, reveal that there is a ten percent no-show rate for paid events and a fifty percent no-show rate for events that are free of charge. The best way…

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5 Essential Items to Have for Successful Conferences

Corporate conferences and events are rapidly gaining popularity and are becoming mainstream in the professional world. In a study by the Labor Board of Statistics, it was discovered that the presence of conventions and events will show a forty-four percent increase between the years 2010 and 2020. This far exceeds the estimated growth in other…

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7 Elements that Make for a Great Corporate Party

Creating a fabulous corporate party that will keep your guests raving requires planning and resourceful use of vendors and products. Many companies are turning towards corporate parties to network and build customer relationships. According to this study the meeting industry contributes an astounding $106 billion to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). With the influx of…

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Improve Your Event Planning Skills with These 10 Tools

Leading events with other event planners offers great networking and learning opportunities. You’re probably wondering what the best ways to become a successful event planner are. Luckily there are a few tools that dramatically help many of the top planners out there. In fact at a recent live event we held with hundreds of planners,…

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