Using Social Media in Your Events Business

Under Event Planning on August 25, 2013

With new social media sites popping up every couple of months it is important that you know the ones that fit best to market your event. In this 18 minute video, Gary Vaynerchuk does a great presentation on how and why to use social media. I was not convinced that using social media was a good use of an event planners time but after watching this video, I am starting to think it is worth having at least one person on your team do some engagement and marketing on social media sites. Some of the biggest reaching sites to use are Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Watch this video to understand how how to make social media a part of your next event.

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Why Event Planning Internships are so Important

Under Event Planning on June 24, 2013

Internships are a nice bridge between the world of education and the working world.  By participating in an internship, you are able to experience what it is like working in a specific industry.  This experience can be very beneficial to your career further down the road for a variety of a reasons. Gain Real World Experience Perhaps the biggest reason why internships are so important is because they allow you to gain real world work experience.  This is especially important in the event planning industry as many employers only like to hire people who have work experience.  After participating in an internship, you will be able to show a future employer that you have what it takes to complete all tasks of the position you are seeking.  This will make…

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How to Find an Event Planning Job (5 Tips)

Under Corporate Planning, Event Planning, Meeting Planning on May 4, 2013
event planner job search

While finding a job can be difficult at times, it is important that you stay persistent and keep submitting resumes.  If you start to get discouraged with your search, take extra time to analyze your resume and make sure you are submitting the best possible applications.  Sometimes employers require very specific application procedures so be sure you read their ad carefully and abide by their application process. Below are a few tips you can use to land your dream job. Tip 1: Determine your Skill Set The first step to take is to properly determine your skill set.  Determining which skills you possess that help set you apart from the competition will allow you to create a much more focused resume.  Take an honest assessment of your best and worst…

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Super Bowl 2013 in New Orleans Planning Grand Celebration!

Under Event Planning, News on December 30, 2012
Super Bowl 2013 New Orleans

New Orleans, which will play host to Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd, is planning more than just hosting the game. The city will host its own four-day festival, beginning on January 31st. The festival, which will be held at the 16-acre riverfront Woldenberg Park, will feature five music stages, interactive booths, tons of food, and live broadcast components. The festival will have the spirit of the Super Bowl combined with the breezy nature of a boardwalk. This will be the first Super Bowl Boulevard, and is expected to become a part of future Super Bowls. Live broadcasts of the festival will be aired on the NFL Network. Festival Productions, which currently runs the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, will helm the event. In addition to honoring the Super…

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How to Plan the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

Under Party Planning on December 13, 2012

You’ve sent out your holiday cards, you’ve put up your decorations, the snow is falling… it’s nearly time for a new year! This year, instead of hitting the town for a major New Year’s celebration, why not have a spectacular bash right in your own home? Planning a New Year’s Eve party at your own house can be one of the most difficult events to plan, but never fear: I’ve provided you with some fool-proof tips to help you ring in 2013: 1.) Get a Headcount: It’s always helpful to know exactly how many people are planning to come to your house. You want to be sure that you have plenty of food and drinks for everyone (and party favors if you are planning to include those too!), so be…

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5 Rules to Planning the Ultimate Office Holiday Party

Under Corporate Planning, Event Planning, Party Planning on November 16, 2012
Office holiday party

Every good company should make room for an end of year holiday party, but unfortunately the “fun” part often gets left out. So we put together a list to help some of you burgeoning party planners out. Take the initiative for the greater good of the staff and infuse your own flavor to this year’s holiday bash. Rule #1: Celebrate Off-Site Get OUT – First and foremost, organize the event to take place somewhere outside of the office. Whether its a restaurant, a bar, or an executive’s house, getting people out of the corporate environment is always a good thing when it comes to letting the guard down and being able to unwind a bit. Still the same personalities and characters will be there, but this way any office drama…

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Interview: A Los Angeles Event Planner with an Eye for Quality

Under Event Planning, Interview on September 18, 2012
Teri Kinne

We recently interviewed a top event planner from Los Angeles who was kind enough to share some of the secrets to her success. Teri Kinne of Teri Kinne Events consistently puts on top quality events and has over 15 years of experience. Here is the interview with Teri. Please note the importance she places on attention to detail, being service oriented and always giving the best quality. Thanks Teri! 1) In addition to planning events, you have an extensive amount of catering experience. When did you realize you enjoyed the catering business and how did you originally get into it? I have to say that hospitality and event planning is in my blood, Max. When I was growing up my mother was a wonderful party planner and was always hosting…

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Say Hello to Nobu’s Latest Project… A Hotel!

Under News on August 30, 2012
Nobu Hotel room in Las Vegas

Believe it or not, Las Vegas is not known for its trendy boutique hotels. All of that could change with the anticipated opening of the world’s first Nobu Hotel, set to open inside of the famed Caesar’s Palace. The Nobu Hotel will be branded as a luxury “hotel within a hotel,” and will be branded around celebrated chef Nobu Matsuhia. The 181 room Nobu Hotel is set to open towards the end of the year (they will start to take reservations in October) and has one of the most ideal locations in all of Las Vegas. Set just off of the busy Caesar’s casino floor, the Nobu Hotel will also be near where Shania Twain will begin her residency on December 1st. The 30 million dollar property has recently been…

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How to Volunteer as an Event Planner

Under Tips on August 29, 2012

In order to secure a paid position as an event planner, it helps to have as much real world experience as possible.  If you have never planned a professional event yourself, volunteering your time and services is a great way to gain real world event planning experience. Check with Local Charities Local charities are a great place to start your search when looking to volunteer as an event planner to gain real world experience.  Charities are always holding fundraisers and need people to help run those events.  If you can successfully show that you helped a charity run a fundraiser on your resume, businesses will see this as a positive indication of your event planning abilities. Children’s Events If you are a parent, your children offer excellent opportunities to volunteer…

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How to Do It Yourself Event Planning (DIY)

Under Event Planning, Tips on August 19, 2012
DIY party planning

There are times you may want to plan an event yourself. This can happen for any number of reasons: 1. If you have a limited budget for the event. 2. If the event is for your young child’s birthday party, so you don’t need a professional planner. 3. If you have a small number of attendees. 4. If you want to get experience planning your own events. Whatever your reason is, here are a few tips to doing it yourself.   Venue Selection Have you picked a venue yet? Write out how many attendees you will have and pick an appropriate facility that can accommodate your invite list. If you need to research venues, you can do so here. Does the venue offer clean-up service? Does the venue have room…

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